Thursday, 11 September 2008

'Big Bang' experiment starts well. I'm not so sure.

Apparently the so-called 'Big Bang' experiment started well. The Large Hadron Collider on the Swiss-French border was switched on yesterday, and several circuits were completed.

Despite all the doom mongering about black holes, the end of time as we know it, and all that, we're all still here. However I'm a little uneasy. Call me paranoid, but I have noticed some strange things today.

Professor Virdee is quoted as telling BBC News "Nature can surprise us... we have to be ready to detect anything it throws at us."

A few things happened today that have aroused my suspicions.

1) When I got up this morning there were lots of dead flies on the windowsill. When I looked closely, they were arranged in the shape of a crow.

2) The train this morning was only half full. Normally Thursday is the worst day. I mean, of course it is. Thursday it is the worst day for transport, banks, post offices, we all know that. But today the train was strangely empty.

Not just that. Normally people go out of their way to sit next to me, ignoring any free seats elsewhere and driving me mad, but today it was the opposite. I had three spare seats round me the entire journey, and people would ignore them to take seats in crowded areas of the carriage.

This kind of dramatic change in human behaviour must be significant. It was just completely unnatural.

3) When I flushed the toilet the water spiralled in both directions, in interlocking counter-spirals. Very disconcerting to say the least.

4) My Cheerios sunk straight to the bottom of the bowl. I had to dig deep with a spoon to eat them.

5) As I made my coffee I noticed a procession of coffee grounds moving slowly across the worktop.

6) Looking out of the window I saw a flock of birds soaring distinctly in the shape of a house fly. t was strangely familiar.

But then again, maybe I was just imagining things.
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