Monday, 19 January 2009

Tempranillo (my Valentine)

Tempranillo, you make me sing
I drink you, because I am a king
I don't care what they say
Tempranillo helps you work, rest and play


Anonymous said...

huh..seems to be poetry week in the this part of the Spin Cycle also?

nice little ode to the bottle :)

Kylie w Warszawie said...

If I was still drinking, this would have sold me;).

Vodka Mom said...

do I need to spin a poem about vodka?

Harmony said...

Okay, I won't lie to you..I had to Google Tempranillo (obviously I knew it was some sort of alcoholic beverage..I just didn't know what branch it belonged to).

I must acquire that taste for I definitely feel like I am missing out. : )

As I have quite a few new readers since I became a "Jelly Biter" I've put this up here again. To understand the context you must read this post!