Monday, 18 August 2008

A bad day, and one of those "laptop boys".

If a bad night's sleep wasn't bad enough, I then slept through my alarm because I was so tired. During one of those busy times at work when you just don't oversleep.

All this made was made worse by the fact that I run the morning show, and therefore my wife was late for work too.

And if that hadn't made me grumpy enough, I didn't have time to eat breakfast or make lunch. I had to sprint for the station to ensure that I only got to work 90 minutes later than usual, which meant I spent the entire journey sweating like a badger.

The last thing I needed was one of those "laptop boys" sitting in front of me on the train. He gets on, and whips out the biggest "laptop" I have ever seen. A Mac of course. That's not a laptop. It's a tabletop. Or even a mountaintop. I don't know if its a Macbook (don't really know my Macs I'm afraid), but it shouldn't be because its too damn big. No book is that size.

I've nothing against Macs. Honest. I like the hardware, but they're too expensive. And OS X makes me feel like I'm being dragged through a playpen backwards, wearing a joker's costume and a hat covered in bells, whistles and bouncing beach balls, chased by yappy dogs and...ok I'll stop.

Ok, bit harsh on the OS, it probably allows you to customise the maddening stuff away, and I like the built in shell.

But then, I'm a Gnome man through and through, avoiding KDE, Windows and beach balls like the plague.

But this one was just too big. As he opened it I actually saw a shadow travel over my magazine. If I brought in a CRT and an oldskool tower case they would take up less space. Maybe I should - just to make a point.

If anyone objects I'll just say "What? It's just my laptop."

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