Friday, 15 August 2008

The "Smartest" Paperboy In Town

On my walk to the station I often see the "smartest" paperboy in town. Hmm, yeah, smart, that's right.

This lad does his morning round on his scrappy little scooter. To be honest, I could be out of touch with the morning round going rates these days, but I don't imagine he gets more than 20 quid a week.

So. 20 quid minus, say, 10 quid on fuel, leaves him a tenner a week. By my troth, given the fact that he would do it just as quick on a push bike, which would also keep him fit, this guy is a bit of a wally.

Wally? Don't be harsh. Misguided, that's all. My hero would be furious.

I miss my hero. I used to see him every morning as I walked to Brighton station. Everyday we would pass each other around 7am.

To start with I ignored him. I'm that kinda guy. Keep myself to myself, especially at 7am. Over time I noticed that this gentleman (my hero) had some kind of "special" status with the other bods that were around at that time.

The postmen, the street cleaners, the paperboys, the milkmen, the commuters, the cats, the dogs...everyone, they all worshiped this guy, and he responded to them all.

I would guess he was 60ish. With the people he met he was daily greeting them, asking after their health, continuing running jokes, and all this on the move - a quick "what a lovely day", or "and you're dad is back on his feet again now?" or "that was a good game of football last night, wasn't it?" and so on.

Feeling missed out, one morning I sent a nod and a "mornin'" in his direction, and I was in. From then on it was a "mornin'" or "nice day for a stroll eh?!" or "glad I brought my brolly!" or "Spurs were unlucky last night". I was included.

I assumed he was on his way back from a night shift of some sort, or on his way past me to the hospital for a day shift. Then I realised he worked at a newsagent, sorting out the papers for the rounds each morning. And all with a cheery attitude and a heart to know everyone he saw each day.

But I tell you what, he would have not have been impressed with this kid, the smartest *cough cough* paperboy in town.
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